Milk glass vintage with colorful rainbow yarn table runner beneath and yarn bits inside, Susan Carlson of Felted Button | Colorful Crochet Patterns

::A Peek at my Abode::

One of my favorite things to do on a night drive is glance into homes with their lights on and shades open. Sound creepy? I hope not. I just love getting little peeks into other people's living spaces. It says so much about a person, I think. So, I thought I might share a peek into some of the crochet designs and vintage finds scattered about my abode...and maybe you can get to know me a bit better.

This bottle of vintage buttons are wonderful--but all buttons are wonderful! And the bottle of glitter is from my childhood--it used to be tucked away in my mother's closet. How excited I always was as a child when my mother pulled them out for some sparkly fun! The green shutters are a thrift store find--sprayed green--acting as a divider on my ledge between my entry and "purple room".

 Camera from the 1920's--found at my father-in-law's home when he passed away.

Lots of milk glass, crochet, and bits of yarn I can't seem to part with.

Buttons...buttons...and more buttons just about everywhere!

The branch above the mirror was painted and then colorful felted leaves were added along with a felted little bird and a pair of mini-overalls hung with clothespins. The beautiful doily on top of the mirror made by my friend, Karie.

A butterfly collection for the Zoologist Sue (yes, I always have a few bugs in my freezer waiting to be pinned) from my daughter for Mother's Day. She knew I would want a colorful frame so she painted it purple! Thanks, Lizzie! 

A green chair, a pot of crocheted flowers, a polk-dot pillow, a vintage silk ombre umbrella, a tea pot (waiting for a crocheted cover) and a huge green bottle of "frog syrup". Randomness...makes me smile.

Sterling silver bug sugar bowl--again for the zoologist.

Poms remind me of sixth grade where I first learned how to make them. Good times!

I have a hefty collection of colorful glass--primarily from the thrift store. I love the eclectic mix, the colors, the shapes.

My ugly brass chandelier re-do. A little white spray paint, some scrapbook paper over the sleeves, a colorful felted flower bunting. Perfectly me.

Aren't polka-dots always wonderful!? I think so! And, of course, a colorful table runner of crocheted motifs--connected with buttons, of course.

This hideously beautiful vest was made by my granny--the one that taught me to crochet in the 70's when granny squares were all the rage the first time around. It reminds me of the time we spent together, her teaching me to crochet, doing the splits (yes, even in her sixties), and making the best ever homemade chocolate cake!

That rose is actually made of chocolate! But no eating--it is several years old!

A little peek into my studio. I feel so blessed to have my own little creative space.

Yard sale chandelier sconce--adorned with yard sale vintage crystals--for a steal I might add.

Where my pattern writing takes place. I had my daughter actually sit on this desk at the thrift store while I found a clerk to mark it as sold. A coat of milk-white paint and a lot of distressing made it perfect to me.

Numbered doors--single digits downstairs, double upstairs--sort of like in an apartment building. Random, I know.

Definitely a necessary reminder in the boys' bathroom! You'd think they would notice the grime, but it just doesn't cross their radar.

A sweet vintage desk from the thrift store--painted red. Should I paint the desktop with chalkboard paint or not?

Crocheted stuff, more crocheted stuff, and yet more crocheted stuff. Now you know why I opened my Etsy shop. I only have so much room in my house.

Since buying my first home in my 20's, my home decorating has not only changed with the styles of the decades, but my thinking about how I decorate my home has drastically changed as I have grown older.

I used to believe that my home needed to look "sellable" all the time--with decor and paint colors that were "in style" and that others would like. I mean, what if you decided to sell and your walls were not the right color? And don't even consider putting in carpet that is not neutral. If everyone is painting red walls, then I had better do that, too. 

Today,I don't even care what the current trends are. I don't care if it doesn't appeal to anyone but me. I don't really care if the furniture and decor fit some dictated style. Mix it up. If I like it, I use it. If I tire of it, I change it. And buying and upcycling from the thrift store makes this all very possible!

I am crazy and eclectic and LOVE color--not just a little color, but lots of color. And now that I look back over my decorating choices even as a child--rainbows and bright colors were always in my palette. I know that many would find my style "tiring", but all of the boys I live with don't seem to notice. And it makes me happy. 

Now I'm off to smooch on those boys of mine. Toodles!

By the way, if you haven't been to my Facebook page and "liked" it--please do so and you can keep in the "Button" loop. Hugs.

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