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:: Free Crochet Pattern--Granny Cuff::

As I was rifling through my studio yesterday, I came upon my way-too-big collection of Brighton tins--46 of those adorable little things I just can't seem to part with. I think I have compulsive-containerism. Oh, I want to put things in them. Like buttons, and bits of ribbon, and yarn trimmings, and...

...I'll find a use for them, right? (Don't tell anyone, but I actually have a variety stuck right on my studio walls with poster putty for a little fun.) Inside one of the tins I came across this...

...a wonderful little collection of woolly granny square beginnings. I can't even remember what I made them for initially, another UFO I didn't even know about, but my brain started whirling.

What about a free pattern? Something simple that uses only little tidbits of yarn so that anyone can make it without a trip to the store. Oh, dear, have I got some tidbits of yarn!!

This is what I came up with--just for you!

A little granny square cuff/bracelet that you can make up in just a few minutes--add a colorful button to make it wonderful--could it get any better?

Ready? Let's hook! (Eventually I'll get it written up as a pattern for Ravelry in a nice printable version!)

Little Squares: 
With a G (4.5mm)hook make 5 squares--or as many as fit comfortably around your wrist. You can adjust the size by using a different hook or different weight of yarn, too.)

Make a magic ring (or chain 3, sl st into first ch to make a ring)
Round 1: (3dc, ch 2)repeat 4 times, join into first dc. (By the way, I like to do a "standing" dc rather than a ch 3. Ellen over at GoCrochet has a fabulous tutorial for this if you want to check it out!)

Once you have made your little squares, place them in the order you would like them. 

Join in corner ch 2 space with a sc--slip knot on hook, place hook through st, yo, pull through st(two loops on hook), yo, pull through both loops. Sc in each st and ch 2 space along the edge of all five squares. 

When you get to the end corner ch 2 space you will (sc, hdc, sc)as shown below.

Continue with sc in each st to the other corner and repeat (sc, hdc, sc) in the ch 2 space.

Finish the other long side the same as the first, repeating the (sc, hdc, sc) in the third corner. Then sc in the next st, (sc, ch 3, sc)in the next, sc in next, (sc, hdc) in beginning ch 2 space, join with sl st to first sc. Fasten off.

This is what your cuff should look like now--with its nifty button-loop.

You will whipstitch the squares together between adjoining squares. I used the same contrasting color as the edge, but be creative! With a short length of yarn, thread a tapestry needle and whipstitch through the ch 2 corner spaces, then the 3 dc, then the ch 2 corner space again. Repeat for the other seams. Weave in ends.

Pick your favorite button that fits through your loop, and sew it to the opposite end with a bit of yarn! Easy peasy, huh?! 

With the other squares, I came up with these...with only two lonely guys left-over. Nice coasters for a guinea pig?

Can you guess which one is my least favorite? 

Happy Hooking and if you have any trouble, feel free to ask me for help!

Linking up at Hookin on Hump Day.

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