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::Painting with Color::

I've been busy painting--furniture, walls, picture frames--well, a lot. Here's a little looksy at just a couple projects.

I didn't take "before" photos of this sad looking coffee table, but it is a center of activity in our house and was pretty beat up. Dings, scratches and a honey-colored pine left me feeling not so happy about it. Since it is solid enough to sit on--hey, I have kids--and we do lots of playing, coloring, crafting and, well, eating at this table, I had to give it a little restoration. I settled on some awesome laminated fabric from Heather Bailey
, her Freshcut collection to cover the damaged table top. It's called "Groovy", and I agree. It's groovy.
A few staples and a couple coats of mint paint, I have a "new" table. 

The walls in the background are newly painted, as well. Berries & Cream--an awesome purple-hued cool pink. Now both my living and family rooms sport this terrific color. Did my sweet hubby care? Not a bit. I'm a blessed woman!

I also painted this not-so-well-made piece I purchased for five bucks at a yard sale. I use it to house my DVD player and other electronic devices. It works well because I can hide them behind the doors, but they still respond to remote signals.

I gave it a couple coats of the same mint green paint, added some new fabric behind the chicken wire and attached colorful button knobs. I think I might switch the knobs to white, though. They seem a bit intense in color for the other softer colors. What do you think?

I've had this awesome button paper weight that was black. It needed a new coat of paint. It got one. I like it. I like buttons. Really?? Who knew??

I painted some frames and mirrors. Now I need to decide what color to paint the "quilt hanger". Maybe a soft aqua...

 My Breath of Heaven Baby Blanket pattern will be released this week--check my Facebook page to keep in the Button Loop. I've been working on a second. It's such a fun pattern with endless color possibilities! 

{On the Board} -- There is always ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

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