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::Pyrex Love::

One day when I was about six, I came home from shopping at the local department store with my dad. We were there to buy a gift for my mother's birthday. When I got home, my mother, knowing me all too well, started inquiring about the "gift". The conversation went something like this:

Mom: Did you have fun shopping?
Me: We got you the prettiest gift, Mom!
Mom: Oh, and what is it?
Me: Well, I'm not going to tell 'cause it's a secret. But I will say that it is gray. And size 5. And silky on the top. And soft and flowy on the bottom. Oh, and it has a little belt and long-sleeves. And you can wear it to church.
Mom: Hmmmm. Wonder what you got me!?

I just love to share a good find, I suppose! 

Having said that--guess what I found at the local thrift store?! Wanna see? Wanna see?

Can you believe my good fortune? Three Pyrex dinner plates, three luncheon plates, and two teacups--for only $6! I looooove the lime green--and the 22kt gold trim--and the condition! Wahoo!

Also found these Pyrex beauties!

Jackpot for Sue!!
Not bad for a little town thrift store, huh? But I don't think any will find their way to my shop. I simply cannot part with them. 

I also can't keep my mouth shut when it comes to the fun hooky projects in the works. If only I could focus on one at a time.

Working on a couple of mandala patterns. This was my first. I'm playing with it being used as a pillow cover, stool cover, and wall-hanging. 

Below is my granny project to keep my hands busy but not take too much brain power. I'll show you what it is when I finish--but it is NOT a blanket!

And finally, an old shabby chic pink flowery sheet made into yarn--but what will that become? I'm dreaming of a couple of crocheted round rugs for my master bathroom. If it works into what I imagine, I will do a free tutorial.

I know that I promised a post about the Hooker's Club--but you'll have to wait until Thursday for that one.


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