Blues and greens, cowl with toggle buttons, crochet pattern by Susan Carlson of Felted Button | Colorful Crochet Patterns

::Sea Ice Cowl Ta-Dah::

The colors, the texture, the buttons! I suppose that's pretty consistent with Felted Button style, huh? And guess, what--Sea Ice Cowl--is now available


I absolutely love the color work in this. Super soft and squishy, it is quick and easy to work up. And it's done with two colors held together so it's extra squishy and quick to make.

I love the toggle buttons I used, but you can use any style of 2 inch (5cm)button, or leave the buttons off altogether. (But who would want to do that?!)

With the buttons you can wrap the cowl around straight like this...
Or crossed at an angle, like this...

Pretty terrific, huh?! Oooooh, the colors are so wonderful! Did I say that already?

But crazy, colorful me couldn't just make one colorway, so I worked it up in pinks and purples and grays, too. 

The pattern includes the yarns for both colorways, as well as instructions if you want to make it skinnier and shorter for a toddler or long-enough to double wrap it. This is also a great cowl for a stash-busting quick gift for someone--including yourself.
And best part--it pairs perfectly with the Sea Glass mittens that you can find here.

I can hardly wait to show you this one design I am working on right now. Oh, I am lousy at keeping my mouth shut. But I'm going to. I am. I really am. At least until maybe later this week! 
Toodles and happiness to you!
{On the Board} -- SIMPLIFY!

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