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This 'n That

A Victorian bracelet made in several different colors.  My favorite is the one I gave to Lizzie--gray with a little silver fleck and a satin ribbon.  But this one is pretty,too.  I suppose I could change the ribbon for variety.
This fixture started out in my sitting room--brass and boring.  A little spray paint, scrapbook paper over the candle sleeves, and a colorful felted garland, I almost love this light now!
A pot of flowers--amigurumi style.  I even made "soil" and it fits perfectly in this pot that reminds me of Newport Beach. 
A very poor picture of a little tea set I have made for my nieces, with chocolate chip and sugar cookies to boot.  It's not great for actually playing with, though, since the fabric is pretty bendy which makes it hard to fit on the lids.
It's still pretty cute.
A nifty felted bag that shrunk much more than I had hoped for.  Now it needs a pocket, I think.  Maybe I will use the sleeve of an old wool sweater to make one.  I really like the colors--they make me very happy. 
One day while at the local thrift store, I came across a fabulous red locker for Luke.  Oddly, it was identical to one I had purchased several years ago at the same thrift store in a different city.  Now I have a matching pair that I plan to use as nightstands, screwed into the wall, as soon as we retire Luke from the toddler bed.  Inside the locker was a bundle of copper wire.  Since I can't let a cool thing, or even a dumb thing, go to waste, I made it into this felted flower bouquet. Buttons needed to be added, of course, since everything is better with buttons, right?
I LOOOVE this scarf.  So stinkin' simple being made with random bits of yarn from my stash--with connected CIRCLES!  The circles make it so easy to keep the scarf tied, too!!
My "Flower Power Pillow" --with button closure, of course.
I copied the pattern for this from a picture I found somewhere. Now I can't find it. If you see something around similar to this, please let me know. I considered felting the flowers but decided against it--I like the length as it is.  Now I'll have to wait several months before I can wear it!
A colorful cotton throw--just the right size to snuggle under during family scripture study in the mornings.
An awesome little red desk, discovered for six dollars at the thrift store.  It was distressed gray and COVERED in stickers.  A little red spray paint, and TA-DAH, a cute little vintage desk for Luke's bedroom, that is, when I finally decide how to paint and decorate it.  (The desk even has a hole for an ink bottle!)
Well, that is all for now.  I've got more to share of this-n-that around my little house--for another day.

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