Colorful crochet blanket, hexagons with rainbow centers and white borders, unfinished wip by Susan Carlson of Felted Button | Colorful Crochet Patterns

::WIP or UFO?::

Isn't crochet jargon kind of funny? I have been pondering the difference between a WIP (work-in-progress) and a UFO (unfinished object). Maybe they are supposed to be synonymous, but I have decided to categorize them in my brain this way:

A project that I have begun and I WILL actually complete--one day.
A project that I have begun and I CAN'T DECIDE what to do with it. I have lost the inspiration to finish it, am uncertain that I even want it, or know that really don't want it but am a bit hesitant to frog it(haha, more crochet jargon!)--or donate it to the thrift store. (BTW, I am NOT a hoarder--but that is for another post!)

I currently have approximately 7 WIPs and 1 UFO. The UFO has been waiting in the wings for over four years. Pretty ridiculous, huh? Here my WIPs are in no particular order. (I didn't even bother to photograph the UFO--but will upon request. That thing is lurking in the dark closet somewhere--well out of sight.)

WIP #1

I haven't touched this colorful hexagon granny since my broken hand last December. It really makes me happy, so why have I put it off? I must get this one back on my hook!

 WIP #2

This is a cool, pink, ruffly pillow cover I made several months ago but haven't bought a pillow form yet. 16 inch round is all I need. Come on, Sue. Let's get 'er done! You.Can.Do.It.

WIP #3

I can't wait to use my bits and scraps in my stash for this baby. Little four-leaf clovers in varying shades. My vision is big for this one as a wall-hanging with every color of the rainbow flowing from one shade to the next. I have always said my brain is noisy. It just never really gets quiet--talk, talk, talk. Just call me the "Queen of Distraction". Do you have any idea how many projects I have completed since I started this one? I've lost count. And my mind.

WIP #4

This one makes me giggle. I started it for a friend who was expecting a baby boy. He is now over a year old. Now she is pregnant again. Let's see if I can get it done before she delivers this time around! Ridiculous thing is that I only have 9 motifs left. Maybe it's those blasted ends.  I have started sewing them in as I go--less fluid rhythm, but I have more motivation to finish knowing I don't face "the ends" task at "the end".

WIP #5

Created this star motif while trying to figure out my latest pattern design--which still needs a name--do follow the link and please give me some suggestions! I'll get this pattern out soon, I promise!!

WIP #6

Pretty flowers, huh? And I love the colors, and the soft sock yarn, and well, everything about this soon to be wrap/scarf. Maybe it is because I don't quite have the vision of what it will be. Good excuse for my stalling. But I WILL finish this one, too!

WIP #7

LOVE THIS ONE!! I found the vintage divided Melmac bowl at my local thrift store and gasped! I love the subtle red dots and the aqua color. Little cotton barnacles and coral swirls will soon fill this and it will be ever so lovely. So lovely. And so fun to sew. Take a look at this post to see a different version of the same idea in purple.

Next post: MY MOUNDS OF ALPACA! What to do with it? What to do?

Thanks for dropping in! And remember to give me some suggestions for the name for my flower blankie! Please...please...please! No brain juices on that one, I tell ya!

Happy Hooking, All!

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