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::Yarn Bomb at My Place::

I have been bombed! Yes, yarn bombed! But not like this...

From Babukatorium--an artist that uses color that makes me happy!
But rather, I bombed myself yesterday. With over 70 skeins/balls/hanks of wool from THE THRIFT STORE!!!!

I was with my daughter and we were squealing and giggling and making quite a scene as I grabbed all of this woolly yarny goodness and piled it in my cart! People were stopping to watch, literally! 

Icelandic wool...

Shetland wool...

From all over this beautiful world. (And no funky smells-bonus!)

Many balls came with enough yarn in the same dye lot for some very good size projects. I got seven balls of this Rowan--SEVEN!!

Can you see the price on them? Let's see...$16.20 X 7 = $113.40!! And that was for just seven of the 70 balls of yarn! 

Does getting a steal of a deal make you feel as giddy as I do? I bet you are much calmer and more restrained than I. I was seriously silly. 

Bulky, Aran, Worsted, DK...I got it all! And the whole of it for $49. Did you hear that? Yes! Under $50! I should have weighed it all--but it was heavy, I tell ya! Very heavy!

This Italian yarn will make something beautiful to be sure.

Although most of the yarn was not as colorful as I would normally choose, I'm excited to get hooking. I lay in bed last night with my head swirling with ideas. And abounding gratitude for the generous person who donated this woolly bit of heaven! Bless you. Bless you.

That is my idea of the perfect trip to the thrift store! And I got jeans that actually fit my new (old) figure, decor for my soon to be redecorated bedroom, lots of little this 'n that, and these...

Just my color! Perfect. Perfect.

{On the Board} -- You can be excellent in every way. There is no need for you to be a scrub.     ---Gordon B. Hinckley

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