Colorful pentagon cotton flag bunting hanging on bike basket, free crochet pattern by Susan Carlson of Felted Button | Colorful Crochet Patterns

A Little Flag Bunting--Free Crochet Pattern

I got a new bike! The last new bike I got was right after graduating from college. And that was a LONG time ago! Needless to say, I was pretty excited! And best part of is totally ME!!

Bike Basket Bunting -- Free Crochet Pattern

Lots of rainbow color and a beach cruiser style for an easy and comfy ride. But it needed a basket so I could carry...well, my yarn. Come on, you take yarn with you everywhere you go, too, right?

So I found a basket and worked up this little flag bunting to make it really cute. Because no one wants a boring basket on a colorful rainbowy bike, huh? I made mine with little bits of worsted cotton I had in my stash, but it could be made with any yarn you wish. My hook size was an H (5mm).. So this is what I came up with...

Bike Basket Bunting -- Free Crochet Pattern
I thought I would put the tutorial right here on the blog, but I also worked up a downloadable PDF for those of you who want to print it and take it with you. Remember these are standard American terms.
I started with a magic ring, locked in place with a ch-1.
Work 10 sc in the ring, then pull the tail to tighten.
A sl st into the first sc to join and pull that tail to close the ring.
Ch 1 (does NOT count as st), then hdc in the same st as you joined, ch 1, hdc in the next, ch 1...
Keep doing that around...and join to the first hdc. You'll have 12hdc and 12 ch-1 spaces. Fasten off...we'll start a new color here.
Join with a sl st to any ch-1 sp.

Ch 1 (does NOT count as a st), (2hdc, ch 2 2hdc) in the same space that you joined in--upper right corner is made.

Then work 2 hdc in the next ch-1 sp. The make another corner...(2hdc, ch 2, 2hdc) in the next ch-1 sp.

Complete 2hdc in each of the next two ch-1 spaces.

Now ch 1 and work 2hdc in the next sp.

Now you are at the tip of your flag. Work (2hdc, ch 2, 2hdc) in the next space. And then 2hdc in the next ch-sp.

Looking good. Now 2hdc in each of the next 2 ch-sps, join and fasten off.

Now with a new contrasting color, join with a sc in that upper right corner ch-sp. If you haven't done this before, start with a sl st on your hook. Insert your hook, yarn over, draw through the space, then yarn over and complete your sc. Easy peasy. Now stay with a ch-1 and another sc in that same corner ch-sp--corner made. Then sc in each st to the next corner.

Do that corner again--(sc, ch 1, sc) and sc down the side to the ch-1 sp. Complete a (sc, ch 1, sc) in that sp, too.

Continue with sc in each st to the tip of the flag and do the same corner treatment (sc, ch 1, sc) there, too. Back up with sc in each st to the ch-1 sp. Do the corner (sc, ch 1, sc) again, then sc in each st to the end.

 Join, fasten off, and weave in those ends.

Pretty easy, huh? I made seven of these flags for my bike basket, but you can make as many as you want.

I made the little string to hang them by making a chain as long as I needed to go around my basket and then slip stitched along the length. Then I used the little corner spaces to weave the string through.

Don't have a bike basket? This could be hung just about anywhere, I say. Over a picture, across a railing, in a nursery, on a mantle, or for a happy little spot of color and whimsy just about anywhere! 

Bike Basket Bunting--Free Crochet Pattern

I hope you enjoy it!

Remember, you can find the printable pattern here for a small fee. And I hope you follow me around on Facebook for a little dose of color every day!

Happy Trails!

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