Pink, green and blue Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn with 3 votives, colorway called Felted Button

I Love My Tribe

Welcome!! You might have arrived here from Rachele Carmona's blog, Cypress Textiles. See, I've got a tribe, and it's a very good thing. My tribe is the Scheepjes Blogger tribe. I love these people. They are MY people and it makes me very happy to be a part of their tribe. Let me explain...

It all started a year ago at Blogger Days when it was announced that they were going to produce a new yarn line. It was exciting as all of the new Scheepjes yarns tend to be. But when they proceeded to pull out bundles and bundles of paint chips from across the spectrum, I was intrigued. They told us that we were each going to be able to pick our own colors for our very own yarn--any six we wanted!! This color-crazed crocheter was in heaven! And this is what was produced from that magical day!

Scheepjes Our Tribe Yarn -- Colorway Felted Button (My very own yarn!)

Surprisingly for this gal who hates to leave a color out, the decision seemed to come quite easily. These six colors immediately just felt right. They seemed quite Felted Button-esque, I think.

Scheepjes Our Tribe Yarn -- Colorway Felted Button (My very own yarn!)
See my name right there on that yarn ball?!!!
It was such a fun process to watch each of the bloggers select their own colors. You can really get a glimpse into their personalities in their yarn. Some were able to choose their colors right away. A few stewed and mixed and played for hours. You can see all of the beauties here so you don't have to guess who picked which colors, but if you enjoy a bit of suspense and fun, blog hop along as each blogger tells her own story. From here you should hop to Maria's blog 50 Shades of 4 Ply to see how she went about her color selection process and peek at her yarn.
In the meantime,let me tell you a bit more about the Our Tribe yarn.
Scheepjes Our Tribe Yarn
It's a 70% merino superwash with 30% polyamide for durability. In other words, washable,wearable and touchable. Although I am using a 4mm hook with mine right now, it's recommended for a 2.5-3mm hook. It has a super soft hand and lovely weight and drape--perfect for garments, accessories and even household goods. It really is sweet on the hook!
So, naturally, when I saw all of the Our Tribe yarn at the last Blogger Days, I decided to challenge myself to see if I could design something using all 15 colorways. Is it possible? We'll see...I'm feeling confident. ;)
 Let me give you a wee peek into what I've designed thus far with this yarn...
Scheepjes Our Tribe Yarn -- Colorway Haak Maar Raak
Can you guess to whom this color belongs? You can find out here.
Aren't these colors more than amazing? Can you believe the beauty and variety that comes from just one ball? You can get a sense of how the colors subtly change throughout the ball, and I love the sense of surprise to see what comes next. I mean, really...would you look at this?

Scheepjes Our Tribe Yarn -- Colorway Look at What I Made
Can you guess to whom this color belongs? You can find out here.
Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn -- Colorway It's All in a Nutshell
Can you guess to whom this color belongs? You can find out here.

I've been busy making these "target motifs"--a symbolic idea emerging from the Our Tribe theme. And I've played a bit with "squaring" off the targets, but it's still very early in the design stage still, so nothing set in stone yet. Just lots of yarn play--and that's the best kind of playing in my world!

Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn -- Colorway MissNeriss
Can you guess to whom this color belongs? You can find out here.
I seriously am tickled about this yarn. And I'm honored to be included in this amazing Scheepjes tribe that inspires and empowers one another in our creative endeavors. It is, indeed, a very good thing.
If you would like to get your hooks into some Our Tribe yarn you can find it from Wool Warehouse here*. I hope you love it as much as I do!
Don't forget to hop on over to Maria's blog here. And, please stop back by to see the development of this design and more colorful creations. 2018 is going to be an amazing year! I'll be including links to get your hooks into this yarn as soon as it becomes available later this week, and will post about it on my Facebook page so follow along here to keep in the "Button" loop.
| On the Board | -- We were not placed on this earth to walk alone. 
                                              ~~Thomas S. Monson
Susan Carlson of Felted Button -- Colorful Crochet Pattern Designer
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