Yellow, orange, green and white yarn stacked on table, Susan Carlson of Felted Button | Colorful Crochet Patterns

Mmmmm. Yarn!

I bought more yarn. I must be crazy. But, ohhhhh, so yummy these colors are!

I spent a seriously silly time with my daughter, Lizzie, yesterday as we flitted about Hobby Lobby, focusing on the holiday decor--mostly Christmas--and dreamed of little crafty things we would do if we could ever eke out the time.

But, of course, I must look at the yarn! And even through my girl doesn't crochet, she seems to appreciate the yarny goodness--particularly combining lovely colors.

I have been obsessing lately with these colors in my head and
tamer versions of them, too. I have no idea what they are destined to be, but like us all, destined to be something great!

Lizzie wants socks. This cotton is not ideal for that, but she wanted this yarn. So socks it will be. She will probably just lounge around the house in them anyway. 

And this crazy lovely yarn has a very clear purpose. It looks so pretty in my head. We'll see how it looks after a little creative time.

But before this yarn can touch my hook, I must finish my Design Wars 5 project. This is the yarn I got from Red Heart.

And this is some that I played with while I waited. Seriously so much fun this whole process has been! But I have a DEADLINE! I'm feeling the pressure. 

And then I must finish this one...

It looks sweet and feminine here, but just wait until you see how practical and fun! I'm excited about this one. Just 9 more squares and some joining!

Overall, yarn is wonderfully yummy. 

Have a fabulous day--hopefully with some yarny fiber included!

{On the Board} -- Mmmmmm. Yarn!

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