Crochet squares with colorful centers, designed by Susan Carlson of Felted Button | Colorful Crochet Patterns

::Moms are Like Buttons::

Why, you ask?? Because...

...they hold things together!! Happy Mother's Day!!

I'm thrilled about what my daughter got me for Mother's Day. Yes. I got my gifts early. But we work that way. Neither of us can wait, even though my mom's mantra throughout my childhood was, "Waiting is good."
I agree VERY MUCH with waiting--especially when it comes to my children waiting for things they want. But my daughter was heading out and planned to be gone for Mother's Day. So we met up early and she gave me my gifts.
Ok. Get ready for the next PERFECT gift for SUE!
Big scream! Little dance! A tad embarrassing as this took place in the parking lot of our favorite thrift store--where we met, of course. (I'll show you those vintage finds in a sec.)
They will soon hang on my wall, but for now I just need to photograph them for a little Felted Button branding picture heaven! Ahhhhh! Sheer joy!

Ok. Breathe, Sue. So now let me show you a few other things I snatched up shortly after the parking lot scene.
Another Fenton milk glass vase. This one with the blue ruffled edge is wonderfully wonderful!

And it looks pretty great next to my other one--with yarn bits, of course.

I found this fun little vintage ice-cream chair in doll/teddy bear size. It has already been painted (wanna guess what color?) and is awaiting a hooky seat cover. I'll reveal it when it's complete in all its glory!

This funny box of drawers reminds me so much of an organizer I had in my bedroom as a child. I couldn't pass it up. Maybe I'll use it to store some buttons, needles or little bits. 

And it is actually a music box that plays "Love Story" when you open the drawer. Sweet, huh?

Another sweet little thrifty find was this framed tile. I already painted the frame an aqua blue. I love the patterned rug, sweet little lunching animal guests, but mostly I love the colorful and abundant bookshelf! I love books. And I especially love colorful and good books.

I wonder what they are chatting about? And I can't help but notice that the lion is a bit left out. Reminds me of my hubby, who seems perfectly content to just sit and observe in social settings. I'm most like the pig--talk, talk, talk, gesticulate, talk some more. Surprised?

My mother got some dishcloths for Mother's Day. I started with my Bright as a Button square and then worked a totally cool new border on it. Which led to the yellow square. Different textured circle--layered with a little peek-a boo hole in the center. And then the "Three-Ringed" Circus square. (Hey, that name could work!) I love when wonderful things just happen as I play with my hook and yarn. Don't you?

I hope your Mother's Day is wonderful! Have a rest, think happy thoughts and do some hooking.

By the way, if you haven't signed up to receive the Felted Button Newsletter, you can do it at the top of the sidebar. Just an email address. And don't worry, I won't bombard ya. Promise.

{On the Board} -- Moms are like buttons; they hold things together.

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