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Shade chart of Scheepjes Namaste yarn in rainbow, yarn review  by Susan Carlson of Felted Button colorful crochet patterns

Yarn Poised as Yoga Poses

Since returning from Yarndale earlier this month, I've been busy with a fabulous new yarn that I squished in my suitcase. I intentionally took a really large bag knowing that I would come home with loads of yarn, so stuffing 24 balls of the 34 colors of Scheepjes Namaste in my bag was easy--well, almost easy. Thankfully this yarn is squishy!
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Yarn Book-a-zine by Scheepjes with modern black white and yellow blocked from blanket by Esther Dijkstra of It's all in a Nutshell

YARN Book-A-Zine FOLK Is on the Shelf

There's a lot of beauty happening right now in the crochet world so I thought I would pop in and share a bit of what I've creativity I've come across lately. Firstly, the YARN Book-a-zine FOLK issue was just released. There is nothing old-fashioned and frumpy about this!
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Bunting crochet flags at Yarndale in Skipton, colorful Garland triangles hanging

Scheepjes Bloggers Go to Yarndale

Recently I posted about three good things I get from crocheting and creating. One of those things is that it affords me the opportunities to connect with other creators in meaningful ways. Just over a week ago I had the chance to travel across the pond again to Skipton in Yorkshire England to attend the annual Yarndale market. The best part--I was able to meet up with my fellow tribe of Scheepjes...
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Yarn review of Scheepjes RiverWashed new colors by Susan Carlson of Felted Button, colorful crochet patterns

Awash with New River Washed Colors

Have you been busy with family, work and other crazy life demands? I have been nearly "under water" it seems. But don't think for a minute that I haven't been busy crocheting. Not only is crochet part of my "work", but it is something of a priority around here. I must play with yarn!! You might just understand. As of today, I've got 4 designs that are completed and even photographed and 3 more on...
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Rainbow and black modem rectangle granny square crocheted blanket with pom pom effing, crochet pattern by Susan Carlson of Felted Button Colorful crochet patterns

Warp and Weft Blanket {Free Crochet Pattern}

Hello!! I hope life is good for you and there is plenty of time for crochet and color! Today I'm sharing the free crochet pattern for my Warp and Weft Blanket. It's a bit of traditional granny squares with a modern twist. See...
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Bright rainbow crochet striped blanket draped over white couch, Every Bit a Blanket, free crochet afghan pattern by Susan Carlson of Felted Button colorful crochet patterns

Every Bit a Blanket Reveal

Today is the day for a revelation! If you saw last week's post (here) about the new project I've been working on using Scheepjes Cahlista, you know that I've been having an '84 ball blast' with all of my favorite colors! (Guess what, I claim no real favorite colors--just a few that sing to me more quietly.)
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Scheepjes Cahlista colorful cotton yarn pack with 84 rainbow colors in bin, with crochet hook, scissors and project pouch, yarn review by  by Susan Carlson of Felted Button colorful crochet patterns

New Yarn, New Design with Cahlista

Does your yarn talk to you? Sometimes mine does, and sometimes it is very quiet--just resting politely on the shelf awaiting my head and hook to come together with a destiny for it. I've actually got yarn that I've had since I learned to crochet that awaits the proper project. But recently I received every single color of Scheepjes Cahlista in wee 15g balls, and it yelled, "I know what I want to...
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Ruffled scarf laying on table with pink green yellow and blue tassels at edges, Find Your Tribe Scarf, free pattern  by Susan Carlson of Felted Button colorful crochet patterns

Find Your Tribe Scarf {Free Crochet Pattern}

When I thought about designing something with my very own Scheepjes Our Tribe* colorway (Felted Button), I knew that I needed to 1) make something that is authentically ME, and 2) make something that I would actually wear. You can read a bit about my design process here and here, but I'm here today to share with you the free crochet pattern for...
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Close-up of Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn in color Felted Button used for Our Tribe Scarf, free crochet pattern by Susan Carlson of Felted Button, colorful Crochet patterns

Find Your Tribe Scarf Reveal

I don't know about you, but the start of a new year often gives me a little burst of creative energy. And I find that I must have lots of color around me. It could be the gray, cold air of my Rocky Mountain winter, but regardless, I've been having a blast playing with lots of rainbow-colored, yarny goodness. Last week I showed you a peek at a colorful design I made using Scheepjes Our Tribe in my...
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Trio Blanket in blues and greens draped on mossy Stone wall, free crochet pattern by Susan Carlson of Felted Button colorful crochet patterns, photo by Sandra Veneman

Trio Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Have you got your three Scheepjes Whirls ready and waiting? If so, I've designed a fabulously simple free crochet pattern for you with a mesmerizing result. Meet the Trio Blanket...
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Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn ball in pink green and blue with crocheted swirls  by Susan Carlson of Felted Button colorful crochet patterns

My Tribe, Felted Button Style

Since the release of Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn* with my very own colorway, I have been working away on two designs. One of them I gave you a sneak peek of here. It uses all 15 colors of Our Tribe and should be a color riot. Expect the pattern this spring. But I felt a strong pull to use my own colorway (Felted Button #965) to design something that was very ME. That pull resulted in a wearable, too,...
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Trio Blanket with ombre faded long color running yarn, free crochet pattern designed  by Susan Carlson of Felted Button colorful crochet patterns

Trio Blanket Revealed

Last week I popped in to share with you a sneak peek of one of my designs, but now I can show you the Trio Blanket in all of its glory!! I made mine with three Scheepjes Whirls* (Green Tea Tipple, Sea Breeze Tease and Minty Black Velvet). I've said before that this yarn...
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