White vintage hob nail milk glass with colorful crochet table runner beneath, Susan Carlson of Felted Button | Colorful Crochet Patterns


For the last month I have been quite busy working on my Etsy shop and trying to set up the whole business end of things--not my strength, but fortunately I have a dear hubby who is very skilled at such non-creative tasks.  But in my fleeting free moments I have been working on a few little creative and colorful projects for my home. I must, I must, I must decrease my...UFO's--otherwise known as "unfinished objects"! I think I have at least 12 objects waiting in the queue.

I did manage to complete this little table runner.

Made of all-wool with many happy colors, I placed it on my entryway table under some pretty awesome milk glass I have collected on my "junking" trips.  Definitely not junk. The middle piece was given to me by my princess daughter, Lizzie Love.  

What do you think?  Too much color?  Ha! Never!! Makes me sing! And isn't that what decorating your space is all about?!

Another little UFO I have been working on recently is not so little. In fact, I have been calling it my "Monster Posie Project" because it it made of 400 granny squares. I am only just over halfway done. Just keep sewing . . . just keep sewing. I am VERY excited to Ta-Dah this baby. It has been quite a doozy. But a pattern is in the works and I'll let you know when it gets to my Felted Button shop. Until then . . . a sneak peek.

About a quarter of the total blankie--29 colors, 400 mini octagons--makes for one amazing pointillism-like posie.  Maybe I can call it my Cozy Posie.  

I really love the texture of these little octies.  And what a stash busting project this has been!

This is a little of the pattern I have written. Ohhh, I am liking this more and more the bigger and more complete the flower gets. It looks really super at a distance!

I love that it is join-as-you-go, too!  Saves so much time and sewing in blasted ends!

Be back soon! Have a super-happy-color-infused day! And as I used to say to my Biology students when they left the classroom each day, "Eat your vegetables. Wear your seatbelt. Don't pick your nose. Be nice to your brothers and sisters. And smile!"

By the way, there are four new items in my shop. This might be my favorite of the new additions--a little, pink, upcycled footstool.

What do you think?

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