Ombre teal striped crochet blanket, Candy Stick Blanket crochet pattern, by Susan Carlson of Felted Button | Colorful Crochet Patterns

::Candy Stick Blanket Crochet Pattern::

Introducing the...
Can you say, "Color options?" Anyone who knows me, knows that COLOR is one of my favorite design tools. I simply love playing with color! 

And this blanket does not disappoint. Isn't the ombre effect pretty nifty? 
But take a peek at some of these color schemes from my testers...
Made by Tammy--love the neon framed in black!
Made by Q.
I know not everyone is quite as color-daring as I am, or is simply drawn to more muted tones. So, when I can create something that allows you to make it in colors that match your decor or suit your style, (or bust your stash), that's a very good thing.
The pattern includes lots of pictures and explanations for getting through tricky spots. It also includes instructions for making a blanket of any size!
Wow! Try scrolling the above picture up and down fast. A little trick for the eyes. Ok. Sorry. I get distracted easily.
You can find the pattern...
...on Etsy
Be well, my hooky and yarn friends! 
{On the Board} -- I'm going to stand outside. If anyone asks, tell them I'm OUTSTANDING!

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