Colorful dots in center of wavy crochet blanket or mat, Crazy Good Mat by Susan Carlson of Felted Button | Colorful Crochet Patterns


What a terrifically crazy, but very good past week! I hope you are doing well, even if your life is crazy-good like mine.

Amidst the crazy-good I did manage to work on a new little design. I've worked it, and re-worked it-- frogging it dozens of times, sketching it out on graph paper, playing, experimenting, and literally cutting out sections of yarn.

Here was what I came up with well into the design process, but
a long way from finished.

It's squishy and fairly rigid--makes a fabulous rug, pillow cover or play mat. And after struggling with colors, I did what I typically do, I went to my little bits...

...and started fishing for colors which I slip stitched to the center of the wiggly flowers. But they were not quite right. It wasn't the color that was wrong. The centers were too flush--too small--not enough "poof" and substance to them. Cut, rip, try again, rip,try again, rip, ugh. Set it down and walk away for a time to let my brain ruminate while I do other things. Pick it up. Try again. Ah-hah!! I've got an idea...

Perfect. Enough size and "poof", simple to execute, easier to weave in those ends, and a really nifty back design--which I forgot to photograph, sorry--but believe me, it looks really cool!! I'm seriously VERY thrilled!! (I feel a Junie B. Jones moment coming on.)

So that's what has been churning on my hook and in my head as of late. I'm pretty excited to see what happens as this progresses. And just wait for the border! Oh,snap! I HAVEN'T WRITTEN DOWN A SINGLE STEP OF THE PATTERN YET!!!! Double snap!! Why do I do that? Anyone else have the same problem? You get going with such enthusiasm that you lose yourself in the process?

By the way, I'm thinking about the name Crazy-Good for this design. Fitting, huh?

By the way, I had another Junie B. Jones moment in which I runned and runned around the room like a speedy rocket and hooted and hollered. Well, not really, but I wanted to really badly.

Here's why. This picture of mine was recently published in a surface crochet feature in Simply Crochet magazine right alongside several other talented crochet designers. 

See what I mean about crazy-good?!! VERY crazy-good!

Be grateful for the crazy good in your life. I'll stop in later this week.

{On the Board} -- Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.           --Scott Adams

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