Victorian step cowl in Red Heart Unforgettable yarn parrot color, Susan Carlson of Felted Button | Colorful Crochet Patterns

::Crochet Design and Vintage Find::

You might remember this little peek at a cowl-in-the-works that I shared with you...

It's a simple but awesome looking stitch pattern called the
Victorian Step by Laura Pavy from The Crochet Case (on BobWilson123). It's adaptable to any size you want--skinny scarf up to king-size afghan. I adore that kind of versatility!

I worked mine up in Red Heart Unforgettable (Color: Parrot) which is perfect for the self-striping effect with its long color runs.* And I particularly like the texture achieved by working in the back loops only.
Here is the finished cowl with some notes on how I worked it...

I began with a chain of 56--or (5 X 10) +6. And then I just hooked along for 59 rows, seaming the cowl loop with a whipstitch. Seriously, easy peasy. 
Although I do NOT like being in photographs, here is the cowl actually on ME (ugh)...
And, yes, those are BUTTON earrings! Because BUTTONS are always terrific!
Speaking of buttons, I came across these little hooky creations the other day that I made some time ago.

This is a simple little felted tie-on earwarmer that I made--with a grouping of buttons, of course.

And this is another earwarmer I made with a super large flower and, again, buttons to boot.

I don't have patterns, though, so sadly, I can't direct you anywhere. I can probably figure them out to share if you are interested. Let me know in the comments.
And finally, a happy little discovery at the thrift store today...
A very old, very tattered, very terrific Primer.
From 1916. With lots of traditional nursery rhymes and stories. Love it!! Some of the people I admire most would have used a book like this as children--possibly this very book. And I like to imagine that they did. I love these kinds of finds!

This story is of the wee, wee woman who is scared by a mouse in her wee, wee bowl. B-o-o-h! Simply charming.
I'll be back soon. I'm hooking two delightful and interesting new patterns that I'll let you see as soon as I can!
Be well. Be peaceful. Be happy. 
{On the Board} -- The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.                 --Dieter F. Uchtdorf
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