Rolling Ridge Blanket crochet pattern in blues and greens, by Susan Carlson of Felted Button | Colorful Crochet Patterns

::Rolling Ridge Blanket Crochet Pattern::

Introducing the... Rolling Ridge Blanket! This crochet pattern is now available in my Felted Button Shop or
on Etsy and LoveCrafts.

I am loving this because it is rich with texture and with a lot going on but works well together! Plus, it's super soft and drapey! I made it with Cotton Ease and Martha Stewart's Extra Soft Wool Blend which are both lovely and soft, but any worsted or even DK yarn would be fabulous!
The pattern looks more complicated than it is, but most of the interest comes from slightly different stitch placements which are detailed in the pattern. I would say this is a perfect pattern for an intermediate crocheter, but because I included over 30 pictures, an ambitious beginner could do it.

It's not a huge blanket. In fact, it's pretty small. But, guess what!! You can make it any size you want!! The pattern includes instructions to do just that! Nifty, huh? 

Want to see it in different colors?

This one was worked up by my tester Christine of Yarnacles. I love the earthy colors! And the contrast with the white really makes the pattern pop! Christine is going to use her little sample shown here as a cowl. Why didn't I think of that!? Brilliant and versatile, I tell ya!

(Thank you, Christine, for being so thorough and speedy!)

This sample was made by Dedri of Look At What I Made. The yarn she used is Rowan Cotton Jeans. Awesome!!

I suppose Dedri's could be a nifty potholder. Did I already say versatile?

Have a wonderfully happy and terrific week! I've got something really cool to tell you! Seriously cool! So hop on over to my Facebook page here and find out what it is!! GAAAAAHHHH!! Did I say, COOL? Dance! Dance! Spin! Dance! Spin! Fall down. I'm dizzy.
{On the Board} -- Wool is an essential part of every high fiber diet.                                         --One Sheepish Girl

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