Flying colors blanket in pinks and greens, scattered granny squares, crochet pattern by Susan Carlson of Felted Button | Colorful Crochet Patterns

::Flying Colors Blanket Crochet Pattern Ta-Dah::

The pattern for the Flying Colors Blanket is here!! I'm pretty pleased with how it all turned out! 

I love the little squares. I love the simple join-as-you-go. And I really love the
C  O  L  O  R  ! ! !

Remember the inspiration for this design? 

This is such a beautiful photo. You can read more about the photographer and picture here. (Thanks, Peregrine!) The instant I saw the leaves on the ground like a carpet, I saw this blanket in my mind.

Maybe try looking at it this way...

Can you see it? If not, the colors are pretty terrific, anyway.

Really nifty, easy peasy join-as-you-go method used. Don't ya think the shape and texture of the squares is a bit like colorful petals or leaves? Plus, the blanket is a good size--perfect for snuggling under.

Don't think these colors are for you? No worries. Change the colors to whatever you choose that fits "you" and matches your style. Do you like soft pastels? Or neutrals? All you need is two main colors with three shades of each--six colors in all. 

So, pick your two favorites--say, turquoise and gray. You could find three varying shades like gray, heather gray, and white. Then you could choose three green-blue shades like teal, turquoise and soft aqua. Get it? I included a blank color grid  in the pattern with specifics about where to place each shade so you can actually print it out and color it--having a little color-play time! Besides, if you are like me, coloring is very cathartic.

You can find the pattern right here in my Felted Button Shop, or on Etsy here or LoveCrafts here.

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