Rainbow surface crochet stripes on grey fabric, by Susan Carlson of Felted Button | Colorful Crochet Patterns

::Happy Fall-ing::

Isn't Fall the most amazing time of year? Well, here in my little mountainous neck of the woods world, it is. I love the smell, the crunchy leaves, the warm vibrant colors, the layered clothing, the school supplies, the crocheting. (Oh, actually I enjoy that all year long!) But there is something wonderful about making things with yarn in the cooler weather. Maybe it is because I can snuggle up to work on an afghan without baking in the summer heat. Or maybe it is because I dream of creating cozy, yarny accessories--and that makes me happy.

I have been working on several little projects lately. One is this big grey cowl. I got the pattern here. Super easy. I love the stitch texture and the bamboo/wool I used--nice drape and super soft. I added the surface slip stitching for a bit of color. Who me?? Extra color? Crazy! When I am finished it will be a little rainbowy stripey cowl. I'll post my finished project very soon! 

But I have been a bit more distracted (is it possible?)than usual because...

This is an apron for my new job!

Yes. I accepted a very part time job as an Academic Coach at the local charter school that my boys attend. It is perfect for me and I feel very blessed to have it. It is only a couple of mornings a week, in the same building as my sons, working with teachers and students in the classroom. No grading papers. No long days. Doing something that I love. And it is only while my little Luke is in morning Kindergarten. Perfect, I tell ya. Just perfect.

I made up this apron pattern as I went but haven't written it down. Maybe I will. It is meant to hold all of my little do-dads as I bounce from classroom to classroom helping teachers be the best they can be. Since I don't have a "home-base" I needed a way to carry my things around and an apron seemed just the ticket.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I never took photos of the tissue box covers I upcycled (to cover the monograms from Pottery Barn). Here they are...
This was another of my Olivia Flowers--in a mix of wool and cotton yarns. 

I can't remember where I got this flower pattern. Anyone recognize the flower? I love how the center sits separately from the outer petals.

Hope your day is terrific. Mine was good in so many ways, but two... 1) I had to go to the doctor and it was a bit scary and a bit expensive! 2) I need many more hours to accomplish the things I need to get done before I sleep.

Better get crack-a-lackin'! 

(I have been thinking about asking a question of my readers for each post. I am always curious to know more about you! Please share!) 

{QUESTION}--Where is your favorite place to take pictures?


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