Pink ribbed wristwarmers with <3 at wrists, Ribbed Wristwarmers crochet pattern by Susan Carlson of Felted Button | Colorful Crochet Patterns

::Ribbed-Wristwarmers Pattern::

For today...a new old updated pattern. This is a pattern that I made up ages ago and have recently reworked, modified, embellished and improved--I hope! The wristwarmers (handwarmers, fingerless gloves, what do you call them?) has actually been a very good seller for me at the local boutiques and such. But now the pattern is available so you can make a pair of your own!
I'm calling them RING AROUND THE WRISTERS because of the option to put a little ring of felted flowers around the wrist.
I have included sizes for toddlers, children, adult women, and adult men--
It is so incredibly versatile...

Toddler version with thumb...

Adult woman's version without a thumb...but with embroidered felt flowers and buttons!!

Simple mother-of-pearl buttons on a soft color makes for a more classic look.

And felted flowers in a ring around the wrist--with buttons for some whimsy and interest.

The stitch is simple but makes for a knitted look--stretchy and comfortable, too.

When making each pair with the felted ring my favorite part is choosing buttons--sometimes bright, sometimes subdued, sometimes matching, sometimes mixed up and color-contrasting. I love sifting through my button stash--yes, sadly my button addiction is that bad.

Isn't this surface slip stitch of a 3 and a V that meet to make a little heart so unique and fun?

Now off to post it to the usual places. 

Find the thoroughly tested and detailed pattern right here on Felted Button, or on Etsy here and LoveCrafts here.

By the way, thanks so much for coming to visit. Please come back, friends, and share. I love to hear your thoughts and ideas! And if you make a Felted Button "something" be sure to share in my Facebook group here.

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