Christmas ornament, handmade felted mistletoes with white beads as berries, by Susan Carlson of Felted Button | Colorful Crochet Patterns

::My To-Doings::

Hello, All! I hope this holiday season finds you healthy and happy. I have been ever so busy. But most of it has been good busy. Just not enough hooky-busy in my opinion. My To-Do list has been crazy since mid-November. Yours, too?

I always think that blogs are funny little things. We spend a bunch of time talking about ourselves and telling the world about our doings. Truth be told--most of my doings are boring. But I love dropping in and visiting other folks and seeing their "boring" lives, too. I get inspired, and moved, and taught. It's good. Very good.

Here are just a few of my To-Doings...


Spoiler Warning--This little felted ornament is for someone at my Hooker's Club. I think she is precious. I have had such little time to crochet lately that I didn't even make it to my Hooker Club this past week. But I have managed to squeeze in some hooky time in very little bits now and again. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Lots of wrapping still to be done.


This project has been a long time coming--due somewhat to distractions--but also due to many reworkings. I can't show you too much yet, but soon--very soon. (This is actually the back of the project.)

I am embarrassed to say, but I had a little fit of inspiration again and started yet ANOTHER pattern idea. It is one that will take a long time, too. Wish my brain made up small and quick projects. At least it is AWESOME--I mean A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Awesome, Awesome, Totally! 

That is a "cheer" that comes from another item on my To-Doings list.


Just yesterday was my first official day as a Kindergarten reading teacher. Words to describe it are--BALL, CHALLENGE, BLESSING, SWEATY!

The curriculum is amazing. The students are adorable. Throw in some coaching and 4 hours feels like 8. I don't know how the Kindergarten teachers do it full time! But they said that to me when I taught Jr. High.


My hubby always asks if the decorating ever stops. I tell him that it is just like a birdie in her nest--always rearranging twigs and feathers. Yup. That's what we do.


I am getting old. Enough said. Crud.


Thinking about a little mistletoe gift-giving. Simple little pattern.

It could be used as an ornament or over the door for some kissing inspiration! I felted mine and used beads rather than sewn berries. A little baker's twine for hanging. Simple. Cute.

That's the end of my "boring" list. I'll leave you with this little birdhouse that I made eons ago. Love its color and wonkyness. Love the buttons and flowers and felty goodness.

Be well! 

{On the Board}-- The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

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