Star Fruit Blanket and Rug in rainbow crochet, textured with star shaped flowers or hexagons, crochet pattern designed by Susan Carlson of Felted Button | Colorful Crochet Patterns

::Star Fruit Rug & Blanket Crochet Pattern::


Dancing, dancing, dancing. Ok. Stop. I'm going to embarrass myself. Not unusual--I used to teach Jr. High and behaved pretty silly to hold student attention daily. But let's talk crochet.I began this beautiful yarny creation a very long time ago, but guess what?! I got distracted. Who, Sue, you ask? Um, yes. I did.

But looky!! It's awesome! And now I wonder why I didn't share this faster! I've decided to name it...

Why do I like this newest pattern? Because it has...
--Fruity fun colors--well, I certainly think so
--A nifty shape and lots of touchable texture
--Versatility--make it whatever your mind can imagine!!

The way the colors flow from one into the next make me truly happy. And the size I made is perfect for a rug--a little spot of color to brighten my room.


Star Fruit is what I'm calling it, but in this color scheme a hippie theme might be more appropriate--like Flower Power or Retro Rug. The cool thing is, it would be awesome in subtle pastels with cotton yarn, or all neutrals. Maybe even done with an ombre effect. And I suppose it could be done in all sorts of random colors to help bust that stash! But for my house--a RAINBOW OF COLOR is the order of the day!
I LOOOOVE when the back turns out as pretty as the front. See all of that texture? It reminds me of my Waikiki Wildflower blanket that looks pretty awesome from the front...
...yet equally awesome from the back.

This particular Star Fruit rug is made from 100% wool which makes it ideal for the floor. But look at it on a bed as a coverlet. 

Or over the back of a sofa. Or as a baby blanket or afghan. Made with lightweight sock yarn, it would make a super scarf or table runner. Someone even suggested a room divider. Now that's an intriguing idea.

I've really gone all out on this one--with over 50 how-to pictures. It's really not a difficult pattern, but I wanted to make it simple enough for anyone to follow.

The pattern is now available in my shops...
That was seriously fun! I better get hooking on the next idea in my crazy brain! Be well in all your doings!
{On the Board} -- What-e'er thou art, act well thy part.

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